WISPUBLIB: The Wisconsin Public Library Email List

The Wisconsin Division for Libraries and Technology (DLT) established WISPUBLIB in 1994 as a venue to discuss public library issues of interest to the state's public library community. This email list is now being replaced by the following Google+ Communities:

To join a Google+ Community, an email address linked to a Google account is required. (A Gmail email address or other Google services are not required.) See these links:

To join a Google+ Community listed above, click the link. In the community window, click Ask to Join at the top right.

Current plans are to maintain the WISPUBLIB email list through the end of 2015. WISPUBLIB continues to be an open, unmoderated list. The list may not to be used to promote commercial goods or services. The Division encourages anyone with an interest in public libraries to join the Google+ Communities listed above.

Unsubscribing from WISPUBLIB

Enter the email address where you received WisPubLib messages and click Unsubscribe.

Email address:

You will receive an email asking you to confirm your request. To confirm, reply to the email as instructed.

Sending a Message to WISPUBLIB

  1. To send a message, address it to: wispublib@lists.dpi.wi.gov.
  2. WISPUBLIB can be used to post out any information, questions, issues, etc., related to public libraries. The list is not to be used for commercial purposes.
  3. Note: If you Reply to a WISPUBLIB email, your reply will go to the sender of the message, not the entire list. If you do a "Reply All" then your reply will be sent to both the sender and the whole list membership.

WISPUBLIB Archives and RSS feed

An archive of WISPUBLIB postings is available, and the past 60 days of postings are also available via an XML RSS feed feed.

Note: If you only want to read information on the list, you can use the RSS feed. To post to the list, you must be a subscriber.

If you have any problems or questions related to WISPUBLIB, please let us know.

For questions about this information, contact Jamie McCanless (608) 266-3939