2014 Wisconsin Summer Library Program

Early Literacy

Fizz, Boom, Read!
Early Literacy summer reading poster
¡Pum, Paf, a Leer!


Fizz, Boom, Read!
Children's summer reading poster
¡Pum, Paf, a Leer!


Spark a Reaction
Teen summer reading poster
Enciende una Reacción


Literary Elements
Adult summer reading poster
Elementos Literarios

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CSLP Information

Next CSLP Annual Meeting

  • April 13-17 2015, Newport, Rhode Island

2014 Theme: Science

  • Early Literacy Program — Fizz, Boom, Read!
  • Children — Fizz, Boom, Read!
  • Teen — Spark a Reaction
  • Adult — Literary Elements

2014 CSLP Artists

2015 Summer Reading Slogans
General Theme: Heroes

  • Children — Every Hero Has a Story
  • Teens — Unmask!
  • Adult — Escape the Ordinary

2016 Summer Reading Slogans
Theme: Wellness/Fitness/Sports

  • Children — On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!
  • Teens — Get in the Game: Read
  • Adult — Exercise Your Mind: Read

2017 Summer Reading Slogans
General Theme: Build a Better World

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Upstart/Highsmith Services

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Collaborative Summer Library Program

Each year DLT coordinates a summer reading program on behalf of Wisconsin's public libraries. Wisconsin is a member of the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP). Through CSLP, Wisconsin libraries are able to purchase high-quality materials at low cost needed for the program.

Research About the Importance of Summer Reading

Assuring Patron Privacy and Safety During Summer Programs

Issues Regarding Libraries Posting Photos on Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, and Library Webpages

General Child Safety Tips for Summer Reading Programs. As a safety precaution and to protect the privacy of library records, children's reading records should be located in an area or accessed in a way that does not allow members of the public from knowing the children's last name. Contest forms that include children's addresses and/or phone numbers should be put in a container in which they can't be read by passers-by. If children's faces are used on library web pages or if contest winners names are released to the local newspaper, a parental permission slip is strongly encouraged. Many libraries that routinely take pictures during library events include a parental permission slip to allow the library to photograph their child as part of their registration process. This is not a legal requirement, but extra precaution is encouraged whenever minors are involved.

Wisconsin Children's Performer Directory

The Division for Libraries and Technology (DLT) maintains a directory of children's performers. Visit the Wisconsin Children's Performer Directory to find the descriptions of over two hundred performers and presenters who enjoy working with children in public libraries and schools. Jamie McCanless maintains the Directory for DLT.

For questions about this information, contact Tessa Michaelson Schmidt (608) 267-5077