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Wisconsin Broadband Dashboard
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I work with the state's public libraries on Technology Projects, Broad­band, E-rate and BadgerNet.

Technology Programs and Activities

  • Broadband and Internet Access
    The struggle for adequate and affordable broadband connectivity and Internet access in libraries and schools is explained in a detailed paper
  • BadgerNet
    BadgerNet is the state's public-sector telecommunications network. All K-12 school districts and public libraries in the state can use BadgerNet. The cost of a BadgerNet circuit is 90% subsidized by the TEACH program.
  • E-rate
    Each year Wisconsin schools and libraries receive about $35 million in federal E-rate discounts.Related to this, see the FAQ on CIPA (the filtering act).

    To assist libraries in filing E-rate Form 471 applications, the FY2015 enrollment and free/reduced lunch data Public Library NSLP Master 2014-2015 is online.

Ryan Claringbole
Public Library Technology Consultant
(608) 266-9534
125 S. Webster St., Madison, WI 53707-7841